Video section added

Since i like to show you all my videos which i allways upload to youtube, i decided to put all the videos linked within my website.

Most of the videos are about my iPhone controlled AR.Drone.

Have fun watching them.

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New iPhone 4 HD Theme

Since owning my iPhone4 for some weeks now, i couldn´t resist to jailbrake it.

At the biginning, i only used Lockinfo and Infinifolders, but after some time i wanted a new look.

So i searched through the HD themes which are specially availble for the iPhone 4 and ended up with Suave HD.

Take a look.

New HD theme.jpg

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Test for new WordPress plugin

This is only a small test post for a new wordpress plugin

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iPhone 4 from UK is here and in use

About 10 days ago, my new iPhone 4 form UK arrived here in germany.

It could be much more faster, but at the moment, borderlinx has to much work to do in order to proceed their packages. So my iphone had to stay about 14 days at borderlinx allready paid.

But finally it arrived an i am very happy with it.

After some time, it is allready jailbroken again, giving me back some nice features apple didn´t implement until now.

To show my great love to the jailbreak community, i made some small changes to the default look

new lockscreen text.jpg

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Update: iPhone 4 from UK for Germany

Good news are always welcome.

Today i received the information from apple, that my iPhone 4 from UK has been shipped to Borderlinx. This is about 6 days earlier than the original shipping date stated on their webpage.

Now it is on it´s way to Borderlinx in UK and after that into my hands here in germany.

As soon as i have new infos about it, i will update you.

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CM 6.X is out for Nexus One

After a long wait, CM 6.X is out for the Nexus One.

It is still a ealry alpha, but runs quite well.

It is now based on Froyo build with all it´s advantages from it mixed together with all the great stuff from cyanogen.

Get it over here:

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iPhone 4: a long way to go

In my last post i told you about my iPhone 4 order within the UK Apple online store.

Now i am very happy, that i ordered mine in the early evening of Thursday. Because only a few hours later, the iPhone shippment was set back to the “easy” words of 3 weeks. So now, you don´t get any concrete information about the delivery. I also checked the availability in the french and the us online store which showed the same information.

Now let´s hope that my order will really be processed at least by July 14th and track the shippment from the UK via Borderlinx to germany.

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iPhone 4 from UK for Germany

Today, the new iPhone 4 hit the stores in Germany. But it was not easy to get the hand on the brand new iPhone.

After visiting my local T-Mobile store i left again after not more than 3 minutes without an iPhone. So i decided to get a free iPhone without Net- or Simlock (in Germany, the iPhone is Netlocked to T-Mobile).

So i placed my order within the UK Apple Store getting a shipping date of July 14th. In order to ship the device to germany i am using Borderlinx for the first time because Apple is shipping the iPhone only within the country it was ordered.

Let´s see what date the iPhone will arrive and how Borderlinx will work. I will keep you updated on both stories.

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The iPad has arrived

After some long time, the iPad has finally arrived in germany. I had preorded mine directly on the first day and got it last friday. I am very impressed by this great product. I am looking forward which great devices will come from the other big players especially from google.

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Android 2.2 : Froyo Launcher

Here is a first picture of the new Launcher within Android 2.2 codename Froyo.

More pictures from within the SDK will be added within the next day´s after i looked more into it.

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